Friday, December 08, 2006

Participative Storytelling Via Video

Participative Storytelling Via Video: GooTube Conspiracy:
"That’s the spirit behind The GooTubeConspiracy. The storyline is dictated by the viewers. Toss a good comment or video response and you’ll see the story take a new direction."
Kevin Nalty is experimenting with participative storytelling via video. He's using YouTube. With video comments, it makes it easier to join in and follow. He's also using a Revver collection to group videos together.

This idea is also being explored at and Node 666.

With more streamlined ways to participate in stories like this, I think we'll see a lot more of it in 2007.

Thanks Steve for telling me what's going on at lonelygirl15.


  1. Anonymous12:20 PM

    OMS we LOVE Kevin Nalty! Hilarious stuff. And who knows how much of that is true? Anyway, if you want to help spread the word about the good guys (Revver), share this video:

  2. Thanks Steve. And thanks Micki.

    Most of this storyline isn't true except that I'm insane.