Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Selling my photos and video with a 50/50 split

I recently wrote about an idea I had for a new Creative Commons license where profits would be split with me 50/50 if someone commercially used a photo of mine.

Well Scoopt has figured out a way to make this work using flickr tags.

Very cool.

Sell your photos or pictures and video to the press and media with citizen journalist site Scoopt:
You retain full copyright to your work at all times.
You MUST give us the freedom to license tagged images on your behalf immediately without contacting you first. If you are in any way unhappy about this, please do not tag your images with 'scoopt'.
When we make a sale, we split the cash with you 50/50% (paid by PayPal). We promise to contact you as soon as we make a sale."
via [ JD ]

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