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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

New media will transform the scope of politics

Lance Dutson, publisher of, writes about Boston City Councillor John Tobin in the Bangor Daily News:
Boston City Council candidate John Tobin teamed up with pioneering video blogger Steve Garfield during his last election. Through the use of a $300 digital video camera and a $10-a-month hosting account, Tobin was able to connect with local voters in a way that would have required hundreds of thousands of dollars in television buys. His short, three-minute or so video clips on the streets of Boston introduced a face, a name and a voice to what usually remains simply an R or D on a voter’s ballot. This type of new media will transform the scope of politics over the next several years, and those who get to it first will end up with a dramatic advantage... Connecting through video blogging or other new social media methods allows a much more transparent and personal message to come across, one that is free of the absurdities of old-school marketing
Thanks for the mention.

It's more than just campaigning. We started the videoblog in February 2005 and it runs year round.

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