Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Amazon.com : Amazon Charity Wish Lists

I've been thinking about letting my family know that this year I'd like them to make donations to charity instead of buying me gifts.

It's a good idea that more people should think about during the holidays.

Our family likes to use Amazon.com : Amazon Gift Central for our Wish LiIsts.

I'd like to be able to designate some charities, that I'd like donations made to, on my Amazon.com Wish List.

Isn't that a good idea? Hello Amazon.com?

Here's are some of my favorite charities for your consideration:

Amnesty International
Doctors without Borders
The Sharing Foundation

The Jimmy Fund
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Lupus Foundation of America
AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
Lustgarten Foundation for Pancreatic Research

Creative Commons
Electronic Frontier Foundation

Institute of Contemporary Art - Boston
Photographic Resource Center at Boston University


  1. Thank you for having Dana Farber on your list. They saved my life earlier this year. While I'm not in the position to donate myself, I'm always thrilled when other can and do. Thank you.

  2. Call in and check out our interview tonight at 8pm EST with Ray Buchanan, founder and president of the Stop Hunger Now organization and veteran actor John Mahon on thirdrailradio.com

  3. Anonymous9:57 AM


    This is a great idea!! And thanks for putting the Sharing Foundation on your list!

  4. Steve! You have inspired me.

  5. Hi Steve,

    It’s great to see your preference for charitable donations in lieu of yet more gifts.

    In the next few weeks, in this country, alone, we will spend $100 BILLION on holiday gifts. Too much of that will be wasted on unwanted fruit cakes, tins of popcorn, pen & pencil sets, and worse.

    This year could be different.

    We’re promoting the new norm you describe: You don't have to buy something to show your love. Instead, you can do something meaningful in a friend's name to make the world a better place.

    We helped created a nonprofit website for just that purpose.

    offers more than a thousand donation gifts, from $2 to $5,000, from hundreds of leading nonprofits, addressing a full range of causes, all in one convenient place. For instance, you can preserve an acre of the wilderness; fund an hour of life-saving cancer research; or even provide a child with her first book, so she can learn how to read. You can also contribute to any of half a million nonprofits.

    You can create a wish list to let your friends know what you care about, and you can personalize a beautiful printed greeting card to be sent right from the site.

    And because this is a nonprofit site, the full amount of your donation, less just the credit card fee, goes to the nonprofits you select. (Watch out for businesses that take a big cut of your donation!).

    Just imagine the impact we can make together as this new kind of giving catches on!

    Please help spread the word. Here are some handy links:


    Facebook group

    Facebook app (your $1 virtual gift goes to the nonprofit you choose)

    very best wishes