Sunday, November 04, 2007

Where's the Ballot?

Boston has a NOVEMBER 6 MUNICIPAL ELECTION for At-Large and Districts 1-9 All Wards and Precincts.

I've contacted the Election department but they have not provided a copy of the ballot. There is a link to the 'ballot order' that's a pdf. It wasn't working until I told them the link was bad.

I've created a little PRE-POLL where you can share your support for UP TO FOUR CANDIDATES in the Councillor at Large Race.

Here are the official candidates in the Councillor at Large Race:

Stephen J. Murphy
David James Wyatt
Martin J. Hogan
John R. Connolly
Sam Yoon
Felix D Arroyo
Mattew Geary
Michael F. Flaherty
William P. Estrada

This poll is not scientific an any way.

My thoughts, when you vote in the final election, only vote for those candidates that you actually want to win. You DON'T have to vote for all four.

VOTE IN THE Boston City Councillor at Large PRE-POLL. For entertainment purposes only.

Please add your comments to this post to let us know who you are voting for and who you support.

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