Thursday, November 01, 2007

It Takes 24 Hours to Update the System

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I just got an estimate to fix my Canon GL2 from Canon Online Repair via email. It says in part:
Dear Steve :

We have received your equipment for evaluation and repair. We have re-estimated your repair as detailed below. Upon your approval and payment remittance we will start the necessary repairs. To accept this estimate, please choose from one of the following methods:

You can approve and pay for this repair service online at

Contact the Canon Factory Service Center at : 1 800-828-4040.

Print and fax/mail this form using the contact information above.
When I went to the website to pay online, there was NO PLACE TO PAY ONLINE.

So I called hte phone # and the customer service rep informed me that it takes 24 hours for the online system to be updated, so you have to pay over the phone with a credit card.

That's not right!

Canon needs to immediately update the system when their email goes out.

How many people log on to pay and then find they have to call? Maddening.

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