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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Comcast TiVo DVR Service Begins Shortly

Comcast DVR

Comcast to Charge $2.95 Extra for TiVo DVR Service:
"Comcast will charge subscribers $2.95 extra per month if they opt for TiVo-based digital video recorder service and the operator will “aggressively market” the service, TiVo president and CEO Tom Rogers said, in prepared remarks for the company’s quarterly earnings announcement Wednesday. Rogers noted that Comcast has made TiVo-enabled DVRs available in “some non-employee subscriber homes” in the operator’s New England territory, and said that “full marketing efforts will begin shortly in the greater Boston area.”"
Dear Comcast,
You really don't need to market to me. I've already put my email address into your online TiVo page.

I'd like to have a realtionship with you, but right now I feel like it's only one way.

I give and give. But don't get much back.

I know you provide me a service day in and day out, but you really don't listen to me when I talk.

I feel like you don't value our relationship.

You're always out on the town, looking to pick up someone new, while I sit at home.

Please think about how you are treating me.

Call me.


via [ Shelly Palmer ]