Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Jeremy Allaire talks about Browser Based Video

This is a very interesting video interview with Brightcove's Jeremy Allaire from the recent TechCrunch meetup in Boston.

Allaire talks about the reach of in-browser video players vs. desktop viewers and aggregators.

In the interview he talks about the Brightcove player, some P2P initiatives and the difference between the in-browser experience vs. players like Joost.

My main video aggregator now is the free, open source, Miro player, and I've subscribed to a number of can't miss shows with it, but have recently watched some them online via links on blogs and twitter, Epic-FU for example.

I watched the recent episode on YouTube after Steve Woolf twittered about it.

Note: This episode has 694,472 views as of this posting. Whoa.

The downloaded episode I have waiting for me in Miro will just be deleted.

Steve also pointed me to the YouTube video because of all the conversations happening over there in the comments. 998 comments right now. That's a lot.

What's your experience been with desktop video players vs. in browser video players?

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