Saturday, August 22, 2009

Blame Drew's Cancer: The Music Video by Paul Dateh

Paul Dateh has written an original song, and recorded and performed it on YouTube, to support my friend Drew Olanoff in his fight against cancer.

Paul describes the video:
Please help my friend @drew beat the crap out of cancer. use tag #BlameDrewsCancer on twitter and join the fight. get all the details at

Get the mp3 of this song for free at
Drew watched the video for the first time on a plane and tweeted:

Just watched @pauldateh's "blame drew's cancer" music video. I cried on the plane. The lady next to me asked to move. Nice.

I just happily paid $25 for @pauldateh's Blame Drew's Cancer Song. You can download a version for free, or pay more to get a better quality. It's freemium.

Suppport Cancer research at Livestrong.

Paul Dateh donated the $25 I gave him to Livestrong.

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