Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Without Paula Abdul, How are the American Idol Season 9 audition shows going to work?

The American Idol Season 9 auditions already happened in Denver, Boston, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles and Orlando.

I saw Ryan at the Boston audition at Gillette Stadium.

Was Paula Abdul there? Were the other judges there? Were they at the other auditions? Did they tape the auditions in front of a panel of judges like previous seasons? If so, who were they and what will we see this season?

There are so many who try out, the producers audition all the people in a first round. We don't see those auditions. The film crew takes lots of B-Roll of wide shots of the stadiums full of people.

Then, the judges fly in for another round of judging on another day when they call back those that were selected from the first round of auditions.

That's how the American Idol Season 9 audition shows are going to work. Right?


What To Expect At An American Idol Audition Casting Call:
We’ve already exposed the falsifications of the audition process in our expose The Truth About American Idol Auditions. In case you haven’t read that story, the auditions take place over many weeks. The first auditions (the ones advertised by Idol) are just a casting call where you sing in groups of four for a producer. You are given the green light to advance or you’re sent home from there. You’re then called back multiple times in the future, up to a month or two later, to see producers and possibly the celebrity judges. Only about 50-100 people from each city see the celebrity judges, and that’s after lots of weeding. The producers ask the contestants to continue to wear the same clothing to each audition though so that they can pretend it all happened in one day.


  1. I wonder who would they have replace her...Wanda

  2. Rest in peace.... Paula Abdul..rably