Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Is Twitter Going to Break Retweeting?

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Kristina Grifantini writes for Technology Review: The Evolution of Retweeting:
"Last week, Twitter announced that it will soon implement a button that will let users automatically repost someone else's tweet. While this will make it quicker and easier for users to accurately retweet, the mockup of the new button does not appear to let users edit the retweet, so that commentary can be incorporated. Rather, the 'retweet' button will add the image and name of the quoted person to the original tweet and post it for those who follow the retweeter."
Grifantini interviewed me over the phone for the article, and she even emailed me the quote she was going to use to make sure it was accurate. You hardly ever see that. Thanks Kristina.

Here's my quote about retweeting:
In addition to showing the original tweeter's image, the new Twitter button will also show the latest 20 retweets of a post. "If they show the breadcrumbs of the trail of everyone who retweeted, that's a good thing," says Steve Garfield, a new media advisor to several large companies and prolific video blogger. "I like to add value to my retweets by adding a comment, to tell people why I like it." If the new function doesn't allow for comments, Garfield says users will just design a new way or revert to the old way.
What are your thoughts?

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