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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Where is Video Going?

Here are my slides that were part of a presentation at Podcamp Boston about "Where is video going?" We each had three minutes to present and then opened it up to questions.

My three topics were Instant Video, Archived Video and Live Video.

Instant Video
Twitter Video is disposable video where you create it on the fly and post a link to it on a site like twitter. Some tools you can use on the iPhone are TwitVid, 12 Seconds and the inbuilt video camera.

Inline Media Displayed in Twitter Streams

Archived Video
Post video on a site and embed it on a blog.

My Mom's Blog

My Mom's Cookie

I use to host nad distribute my videos
- You can now automatically upload to YouTube when you upload a video to
- You can designate blogs you want to automatically have your video posted on

Future (already here):
- If approved by, you can distribute your videos via TiVo (also requires TiVo approval)
- Distribute shows to various tv platforms.

Live Video
- Qik ( I'm an investor )
- Ustream
- Livestream

- Better Inbuilt Microphones
- Higher Quality Video
- Microphone Jacks
- Headphone Jacks

RSS Microphone Tatoo

Image: @drew Microphone tattoo BlameDrewsCancer

- Broadcast and cable news organizations broadcasting live streams from people formerly known as the audience.

I talked about a test I did with NECN to live stream a snow accumulation report from my cell phone.

You can see the full presentation Web video where is it going on slideshare presented by me, @msmamet @brilliantvideo @RobertCollins and @joselinmane.

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