Friday, September 20, 2013

A Look at Boston Mayoral Campaign Signs

Nice Boston Globe article looking at the Boston Mayoral campaign signs, but at you can't see all the campaign signs.

I first saw the article online and wondered why all the signs weren't shown in the article. Then I saw the actual front page of the print newspaper, and there they all are.

The Newspaper and ePaper graphic should be online at

In a time of the signs for Boston’s mayoral candidates, the meaning of blue, red, and font size - Metro - The Boston Globe
Image: courtesy Boston Globe

What are the candidates’ signs really saying?:
Political yard signs have inundated Boston as 12 candidates scrap and scrape for votes in the most volatile mayor’s race in decades...

Front Page of the Newspaper via ePaper:

The Boston Globe ePaper Edition: Campaign Signs
Image: Boston Globe ePaper Edition: Campaign Signs courtesy Boston Globe

My take:

Taking a look at the signs to see which candidates make it easy to find out more via a putting a URL on the sign. Also looking at which candidates are smart enough to leave off 'www.' in front of the URL.

Signs without a website URL: Consalvo, Conley, Yancey, Clemons

Signs with Website URL with 'www.': Barros, Walczak, Arroyo, Golar Richie, Walsh

Signs with Website URL without 'www.': Ross, Connolly

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  1. Thanks for sharing your link in the comment section of Andrew Ryan's article about signs. I was quoted in that article and wanted to see what you had to say as well. In general, I'm for removing any unneeded characters from a yard sign, but I've got mixed feelings about noting which candidates were "smart enough" to forego adding www when including a web address on their sign. Sure, technically it's superfluous, but it's also a convention that helps voters pick up quickly that the characters following www are going to lead me to a website. Especially when voters are driving by and don't have much time to look at a sign, that could be the visual cue that they need to hone in on the website, put that in a brain cell, and check out the site later (hopefully when they are no longer driving).

    I go into a lot of design considerations here, but suffice it say, I'd rather see the website incorporated into the rest of the sign instead of being a small afterthought on the bottom of the sign that few are going to pick up on. Something like this:


    Or to avoid the www :)


    Than to see:


    I'm going to put more thought into this and see if there is a way that I can test whether with or without www is the better way to go. Thanks for the insight!