Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dad making 6 second Vine videos gets on the Today show

BatDad protects suburbs from bad manners in amazing Vines -
Image: Bat Dad courtesy Today

Fun. @BatDadVine made it onto the TODAY show.

He's a dad making 6 second Vine videos.

Today: BatDad protects suburbs from bad manners in amazing Vines

Watch his Compilation video on YouTube.

These are videos that evoke two or more emotions. [H/T Tim Street]

They're funny, creative and tell a story, and are hosted on a platform that enables viewers to easily share.

Business can learn a lesson from this.

You don't have to focus on high end video productions that are only destined for YouTube to make fun and engaging videos. [Tweet This!]

Find someone in your company who might be doing video on the side, or someone who is outgoing, or great with customers, and ask them if they'd be interested in doing something creative.

Twitter Pizza Videos
#ramonwow @Ramon_DeLeon at Inbound13 Ballroom A 8/21/13
Image: Ramon DeLeon at Inbound13

Ramon De Leon figured this out when working for Dominos Pizza. He used social media and video to connect with his customers and build a relationship.

When someone ordered a pizza, he'd tweet them a video of their pizza being made. Who does that? It's unexpected and fun.

And the next time they need a pizza they'll remember Ramon because he made it personal.

Video is coming on in a big way for businesses, and it's going to be serving a multiplicity of roles beyond just having a YouTube channel.

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