Sunday, September 15, 2013

Who Edits Warby Parker Out of an Eyeglass Shopping Article?

The Boston Globe has an article about eyeglass shopping titled: Focus on Low Prices:

Eyeglasses: Focus on Low Prices: Boston Globe

When you look closely at the article, you'll see that it's written by Consumer Reports.

I read through the article because I've tried both retail stores and online site to buy eyeglasses.

After reading hte article, I thought it was curious that online retailer Warby Parker, who has a store on Newbury Street in Boston, wasn't mentioned.

As a critical consumer of media, I visited the Consumer Reports site to read the original article.

Guess what I found? Warby Parker.

Original Boston Globe Edited Article:
Get your doctor’s recommendation. If your current prescription is more than a year old, have an optometrist or ophthalmologist check your eyes before you order new glasses. Ask your eye doctor for advice on the types of lenses you should choose. Also request that the doctor measure and record your pupillary distance, which you’ll need if you order lenses online.

Consumer Reports:
Talk to your doctor
If you're having your eyes examined (which you should do if you prescription is more than a year old), talk to the eye doctor about which lenses are best for you. Also discuss add-ons, such as anti-glare coatings. If your examination is at Costco or another discount store, check out the frames. If you find one or more that you like, you may not need look any further. If not, try a couple of other walk-in stores, noting the brands, models, and sizes of the frames you like. You'll find that information marked on the frame's temples.

An alternative is to consider frames from a new segment of online shop, such as Zenni Optical (, Warby Parker (, and Classic Specs ( They offer a complete pair of single-vision glasses for less than $100. And, depending on the site, you can even have multiple frames mailed to you so you can try them on at home. But these sites primarily sell their own proprietary frames not available elsewhere; so you won't find frames you saw at a store or another website.
I've used Zenni Optical and Warby Parker.

Warby Parker Winston on the Dock
Image: Warby Parker Winston frames on the Dock

Warby Parker is my favorite for quality at a fair price. It's not just about 'Low Prices.'

Focus on quality and style too.

Who edits these articles?

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