Saturday, November 29, 2003

Buy Something Day

Roche Brothers - West Roxbury : The Self Sevice Check Out is sometimes a pain in the neck. There was someone there to help me through it though. The register kept saying to me, "Please place your item in the bag." So I put the eggs at the bottom of the bag to shut her up! It's ok though, the eggs made it safely home. They were free by the way. It was free breakfast day at Roche Brothers. Free eggs, orange juice and english muffins, with a coupon!

Grade = A for customer service

Lens Crafters - Dedham
: Everybody knows your name. What a great feeling it was to walk in there and have everyone say hi, and recognize me. They say it's like Cheers in there where everybody knows your name.

Grade = A for customer service.

Costco - Dedham : Hot Girls are giving out free samples of meatball subs. All the retired people are there giving out free food too, but today there's a special stand set up where there are five young people giving out free samples. The highlight is the beautiful blonde.

Grade = A for customer service

Stop and Shop - VFW Parkway : The express lane checkout boy was half asleep. He didn't say hi, didn't tell me the total purchase price and silently gave me my change.

Grade = F for customer service

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