Sunday, November 30, 2003

How about those Patriots?

Willis McGinest describes the play:
McGinest re-entered the game after his knee settled down. He lined up at outside linebacker on the final play, fully intent on stopping the run. But when the Colts came out with a slot receiver to his side he decided to try a little of what Don King would call "trickeration."

McGinest walked out toward the slot as if he was dropping into coverage. He faced that receiver, giving Manning the illusion he was there to jam the receiver at the line. Manning noticed and did something McGinest had seen before, a small action that convinced the wise old linebacker what was coming.

"I saw him tap his backside," McGinest said. "That usually means it's a run. I was never dropping into coverage but I wanted him to think I was. I flew inside and he [running back Edgerrin James] was right there."

Soon after, he was right there on the ground, losing both a yard and the game as McGinest hog-tied him.
Go Pats!

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