Monday, November 17, 2003

Comcast New England: HBO Price Increase $13.99 to $18.95

Here we go again.

I just got a letter from Comcast that says, "As of December 16, 2003, the a la carte price for this premium channel will change from $13.99 to $18.95 per month in a effort to align our rate structure across New England."

Excuse me for questionioning this as the reason for a rate increase, but how about considering aligning your rate structure across New England to the lower $13.99 price?

I guess that's not really an option.

OK, so if you got the letter that I got it has a bunch of confusing words and numbers on it as all communications from Comcast have. Remember the to fiasco?

Well, this time I'm here to help you. Forget the first paragraph, where they offer you a special on HBO for $15.99/month. That's just a smokescreen!

Bottom line is that you should take advantage of their offer to go to the Digital Silver package. You'll get a few more standard channels that you never knew why you weren't getting, if you're like me and was on an old relic package called Digital Bronze. Yeah, I was mistakenly living in the Bronze age without MTV2 or VH1 Classic!

So based on my numbers, had to create a speadsheet to figure it all out, you'll save money.

$4.95/month I figure of you take the Digital Silver special outlined in the letter.

The Comcast rep said, "you sure seem to know your stuff." I told him that I had to create a whole spreadsheet to figure out their rate structure.

"Yeah'" he replied, "I've heard that it's confusing."

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