Friday, November 21, 2003

The Comcast Broken Link Saga Continues:

Hi Comcast,
The operations depart has not gotten the message.

This link in your last email to me is still broken:
To view your latest Comcast billing statement, go to
How many months does this error have to go on, and how many emails do I have to write to get anything fixed?

Please, send this to someone who can do something about it.

Again, this error effects thousands of people not just me.

I'm just trying to help you guys out to provide better customer service and this continual string of emails back and forth is not making you guys look good. I'd like to make sure this time someone looks at this issue and someone, somewhere in Comcast follows up on this.


Their reply:
Dear Steve Garfield:

Thank you for writing.

Please attempt to use this link:


My response to their reply:
Thanks for your reply Jim.

I know how to get to the page.

I take the link in your email and remove the trailing '.' to then use to get to the right screen.

Your answer does not address my complaint, that the link in your email is broken.

I want to know if next month's email will have link that is not broken.

Can you send this to anyone who can resolve the issue?
Thank you,
Is anyone else annoyed by this, or is it just me?

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