Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Adam Graham handicaps tonight's The Bachelor

'Kelly Jo Guiney" has quite a ring to it, more so than, say, "Estella Guiney." But things could go either way on tonight's season finale of "The Bachelor," when Ferndale's Bob Guiney chooses between Kalamazoo's Kelly Jo and Beverly Hills, Calif.'s Estella, the two remaining bachelorettes from what began as a pool of 25.

Wait a minute here.

Adam writes for the Detroit News.

Bob is from Ferndale and Kelly Jo is from Kalamazoo?

The author didn't put another state after those cities, like for example, Ferndale, Calif. Ha Ha! So, they must both be from Michigan!

How far away do they live from each other? Let's see.

The answer:
Distance: 140.8 miles
Approximate Travel Time: 2 hours 13 mins


I think we have a winner.
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