Thursday, November 27, 2003

Turducken or a Tofurkey?

When I heard the desk clerk on ER talk about the Turducken last week, I thought about looking it up on Google, but now CNN did a story on the Turducken, a turkey that's stuffed with a duck that's been stuffed with a chicken.

Our Turkey: It was a free one that our neighbor won at a turkey shoot!
No. You don't win them by shooting them.

Our turkey came out great. It was a simple roasted turkey that was basted every thirty minutes for 3 1/2 hours.

My mom said it was the best turkey she's ever had with the moistest white meat.

Our TiVo: Why is the football game being interupted by a message asking if it's ok to change the channel?
Oh, that's TiVo.

I explained my TiVo to the family and gave them a demonstration. They'd never seen a TiVo before and loved the fact that they could get a Season Pass to Everybody Loves Raymond!

Politics: Don't talk politics with the family.
We got into a little discussion about politics.

Here's a rundown of the some of my relative's feelings on the candidates:

Leiberman - Smart, can't win.

Dean - Don't know anything about him other than the people of his state didn't like him and were glad to see him go.

Clark - A smart former military man they need to learn more about.

Bush - Not too smart but surrounds himself with smart people.

Kerry - Used to be seen with attractive blondes. Now married to an unattractive rich lady.

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