Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Dan Shaughnessy: This one knocked our socks off
They are the anti-Red Sox, these New England Patriots. Tom Brady is the anti-Pedro. And Bill Belichick is the anti-Grady.
Great coaching job by Belichick.

Tom Brady is hot right now.

I'm boycotting Carol Beggy & Mark Shanahan of the Boston Globe's Names column for writing this today:
...after the QB was seen ... wearing a Yankees cap, we felt betrayed ... the guy can't get sacked enough... at 6-2 the Pats could afford to lose to Denver.
Talk about betrayal!

You guys are rooting for our own quarterback to get sacked and for the Patriots to lose.

That, I would say, is worse than wearing a Yankees hat! Silly Globe calls what you are doing Globenfreude.

Brady and the Patriots sure showed you last night!

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