Sunday, May 02, 2004

They've got bags at Spags, and long lines

I was out at Spags yesterday. Spags is in Shrewsbury, and it used to be a big deal to go out there.

It was the first warehouse type of store in the area that had milk and cheese down the isle from screwdrivers and hammers.

They didn't supply bags, and only accepted cash.

They still seem to have some good deals out there:
.75 oz Parsley for .99
12.5 oz Garlic Salt for .99
Vegetable Seed Packets at 40% off List
16 oz Kens Lite Italian Dressing 1.99
As you browse through the isles, you're thinking that these prices must be good if all the merchandise is stacked up with brightly colored signs telling you how much everything costs.

It's warehouse shopping brain washing.

So after loading up the cart I went to the front of the store where there were 4 out of about 10 registers open. Picking the right line is always a challenge, so I used a tried and true technique. I counted up the number of people in front of me in each isle. Then I chose the isle right in front of me. It usually makes no difference.

As I was standing there, three carriages back from the register, I started noticing the woman at the register.

As she placed each item on the counter, she had a little story about it that she felt she had to share with the cashier.
Look at these nylons. You don't think that have any runs in them, do you? Here, let me run my hand along each one to check. Nope, this pair looks ok.

Scan them in.

Oh, here's another pair of nylons. Let me check every inch of them for runs.

Nope, no runs. Ok, scan them.
At this point, the two people in front of me start exchanging glances between each other. Glances of frustration and wonderment at the actions of this lady. Back to her checkout nightmare:
Look at this olive oil. It's not leaking is it?

No, I didn't think so but I just wanted to make sure by running my hand all over it. Around to top and all around the bottom. Do you think you could wrap it up for me?

Yea. Like that. Oh, add some extra wrapping at the top in case it leaks from there...
This lady had a full carriage of tons more stuff to go. At that point I gave up on that line. I announced to my nearby linewaiters, "I'm leaving this line and going to another line."

I moved two lines over and announced my arrival. "Hi, I was just in the worst checkout line of my life and I've come to join you in this line. It seems like a much better line."

The woman in front of me replies, "I always seem to pick the slowest line."

Time passes as we move closer to the register. Seems like a good line. We're all talking about the line I left, since we're all friends now. We're all watching the lady who is still giving the life story of every item she buys, to the cashier.

As I move closer to the cashier, I catch the eye of the guy in my old line. He smiles. Trapped by his commitment to his line.

I smile back.

Soon I'm all checked out and heading towards the door.

I glance back as I see that the lady is pulling out her checkbook to pay.


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