Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Sign the FIX THE POTHOLES petition

This just in from Maura A. Hennigan:
Dear Friends,

As part of my ongoing struggle to combat street and sidewalk hazards (potholes) in the city, I am releasing a petition which calls upon Mayor Menino to instruct his Commissioner of Public Works to release the over $22 million dollars (according to a Boston Globe editorial last year) that the city has in a private utility/contractor deposit fund. This money is supposed to be used to make permanent repairs - but it's not being used as intended. I want it released immediately to repair the many street and sidewalk hazards in the city so we can prevent further injury, inconvenience, or damage to people or their property.

For your convenience, the problem sidewalk and street petition (potholes) is available online at:;
will be available in neighborhood stores; or you can request a copy from my office so you can gather signatures from your friends, family and neighbors. Although I hope many of you will sign the petition, I really need your help to spread the word. You can spread the word by passing this onto your
friends, printing out the attached petition and gathering your own signatures, or lastly you can post it up in public places (bulletin boards, shops, libraries, etc.) all across the city.

In closing, I cannot do this job alone. I need your help to put pressure on the administration so they understand that this is an issue that cannot dismiss. Bostonians deserve to have walkable sidewalks and drivable streets without fear from injury or damage. Together we can make it a reality.
Should you need further information, please don't hesitate to contact my office at:, call: 617-635-4217, or visit my website at: to report additional street and sidewalk hazards (potholes).

Thank you,

Maura A. Hennigan
Maura A. Hennigan
At-Large City Councillor
Boston City Council
One City Hall Square
Boston, MA 02201
Phone: 617-635-4217
Fax: 617-635-3734
Thanks Maura!

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