Wednesday, May 12, 2004

New features I'd like to see in TypePad

I've started using TypePad to set up blogs for others.

It Gets Difficult
It gets difficult and time consuming when it's time to hand over the blog.

You've got to get the client to give you his/her credit card, billing address, mother's maiden name or place of birth.

Next you've got to recreate the design by going through all of TypePad's menus. Then you export existing posts and import them. Re-upload all your images. Go into each post and edit the image URL to point to the new URL.

Export TypeLists, import them, edit one, save it and republish to make them visible.

What I'd like to see from TypePad in a future release:
    The ability to clone an existing blog to another account. This includes copying the design, content, images and TypeLists.
    The ability to designate additional Account Owners who would have access to edit the design. You can only have one Account Owner now.
    Give Authors the ability to Add to TypeLists. Only owners can do it now.
    Give images relative URLs. They currently have a direct URL.
    An easy way to upload and link to a video.
Thanks for listening.

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