Saturday, May 15, 2004

Connect a Macintosh to Comcast Broadband

How to configure OSX (10.2) to connect to the Comcast High-Speed Internet Service.

The above FAQ from Comcast details the settings for a Mac running OS X, to be able to work on their network.

The settings are no big deal. If you already use your Mac on Ethernet networks then your settings are probably already set this way.

My mom just got an iBook. I set it up for her at home and hooked it up to my Comcast modem. No problems.

The Comcast Install Disk: Friend or Foe?
I'd read on some message boards that the disk that comes with the Comcast modem has software on it that's not needed for a Mac.

People say things like, "Oh on a Mac you just plug it in and go. Don't use the Comcast software."

Then I also read that you need to run the Comcast software to register the cable modem.

That my friends, is good advice.

Of course I was wary of running Comcast software after the nightmare of the Comcast Email wizard that changed your settings from to That software, in fact, wasn't needed.

But, the software that comes with the Comcast cable modem is required.

I ran it, and it asks you to enter your customer number and your registration number. Then it goes off and connects to Comcast and sets up the cable modem.

You also get a chance to create a user name.

After you reset the modem and the Macintosh, you're online.

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