Sunday, May 23, 2004

More [ OPTION ] key goodies in FCP

Using The Option Key In FCP 4 - Ultimate Shortcuts.
Copy Above or Below

Forget copy and paste. This is quicker. This will duplicate the clip directly above or below the original clip. The benefit over the previous method for copying: this one doesn't do an insert once its copied, so the rest of the Timeline is left intact.

1. Select a clip, a portion of a clip, or multiple clips.
2. Press and hold Shift/Option and drag to another track (straight up or down).

Next the video clip is copied as its dragged upward one track.

Opening Bins As Tabs In the Browser

This one is cool. Normally, double-clicking on a bin in the Browser results in a new window opening. But your screen can get cluttered this way and you'll find yourself constantly moving around windows.

Instead, hold down the Option key, and double click on the icon for a bin in the Browser.

Option/1, 2 or 3

Transition alignment. Changes whether a selected transition in The Timeline is set to Start, Center or End on edit.
I usually prefer the mouse to the keyboard, but these tips are making me change my mind!

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