Thursday, May 27, 2004

Fantasia Barrino Voted 'American Idol'

In a very rare occurance for me, I was watching American Idol last night, live on TV, without TiVo.

Hey, I've been missing some pretty good commercials. Maybe I'll have to start watching them on my TiVo? Or not.

So Fantasia wins and hugs Diana. I'm waiting for the 'money shot'. Nothing. Nothing.

Then the camera gives us a wide shot from behind the stage. At that exact moment, Fantasia gives us the 'money shot', that you see pictured here.

What were we seeing at home at that exact moment? Not much. Just a wide shot.

I'm yelling at the TV, that's the shot that'll be in all the papers! Let's see it, let's see it!

Well, there it is.

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