Sunday, May 30, 2004

The Master Key

Outside, late afternoon.

Kids are coming out of an apartment building in Jamaica Plain. A woman drives up to the building enraged, "What are you kids doing coming out of my apartment building?"

"We're just storing our food in there."

At that moment, other kids come out of the garage with their bikes.

"And what are you doing in that garage."

"We keep our bikes in there."

The woman asks, "How do you get inside?"

One of the kids replies, "Oh, we have a master key."

"A master key?! Get all your stuff out and get out of here."

The kids take all their food and bikes and then start opening all the doors to all the houses in the neighborhood. The woman watches as the kids srart removing chairs and tables and all kinds of things from every house.

The woman goes into one of the houses to see what is going on.

One of the kids sees her and says, "Hey lady, what are you doing in here. First you are mad at us for storing stuff and now you're curious and coming into other peoples houses too."

"Tell me more about this 'master key'", she asks.

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