Friday, July 02, 2004

Buy a text ad for Off On A Tangent on eBay!

Here's a crazy idea we had at last night's blogger cookout:
Let people bid on buying a Text Ad for the 'Off On A Tangent' blog over on eBay.
The listing, Text Ad for the 'Off On A Tangent' blog, is up at eBay:
Text Ad for the 'Off On A Tangent' blog


As the winner of this auction, you'll get a text ad, for one week, placed on the popular Off On A Tangent blog.

Off On A Tangent gets approximately 500 hits per day.

Want more traffic for your website? Want to advertise a product? Bid high on this item.

Seller reserves the right to reject the winning bid for any text ad that is deemed not appropriate.
The high bidder gets a text ad on this blog.

This will be a fun experiment to see what happens.

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