Thursday, July 29, 2004

Video Blogging Coverage

Mark Glaser writes for the Online Journaism review, Blogsploitation: Big Media Tries to Steal Bloggers' Thunder at DNC:
Though a lot of bloggers were excited about candidate Howard Dean speaking at their Bloggers Breakfast on the first day of the convention, not too many quoted him from this comment: "I read blogs from time to time," Dean said. "Not because I sit down and intend to, because I don't have that much time, but because supporters send me e-mails with various blogs that they read...We have two people that we pay to read blogs, 25 or whatever it is per day."

(I found Dean's comments via an interesting video blog by Steve Garfield, an uncredentialed gate-crasher.)
I found this link over on New Media Musings where JD writes:
I hope we'll see much, much more video blogging in the months and yeara ahead. Mark Glaser's OJR column pointed to Steve Garfield's Video Blog, where he crashed the Democratic convention party and has posted seven video reports so far. Terrific stuff.
Thanks for linking, reading and watching.

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