Monday, July 19, 2004

Blogging this photo from flickr

Why bother?
Why bother?, originally uploaded by George.
So I just joined flickr, since Blogger says it's an easy way to post photos to my blog.

I love their registration screen where it says, "Your screen name is like a nickname. You can have spaces in it if you like. For example, Johnnie Rotten or My Little Pony are both fine."

I bet those screen names are already taken though.

So here's a cool picture taken by George.

Next up, I'm going to try their Mac OS X upload feature and see how it works.

The upload feature works pretty well, but you can only add one photo at a time. If you select a group of photos and drag them to the flicker upload application, it crashes. Also, instead of dragging the photos directly from iPhoto to flicker, I made them smaller first.

Here's my flickr photo album.

Note: They are going to have Pro Accounts soon which will allow, "Permanent archiving of everything you upload". I guess that means that the photos you upload on the free account won't be there forever.

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