Thursday, July 08, 2004

Jay Rosen is Going to the Convention

He writes about the convention and it's coverage here, PressThink: Convention Coverage is a Failed Regime and Bloggers Have Their Credentials:
"Now come the bloggers, a tiny group added to the mix, who with all their faults and shenanigans have one great advantage. They aren't a part of the failed regime in political convention coverage. They don't have to pretend it has the right narrative for us. They're free to look with fresh eyes and re-decide what a convention actually is, knowing where the dead zones are from having been on that story's receiving end: 'A political convention has become, at heart, little more than a reality show.'"
Cyber Journalist has a list of credentialed bloggers.

I'm not on that list. I got two rejections. One by phone, I thought that was nice, and one by letter.

In a way, I'm glad that I didn't get credentials. It leaves me free to roam the outskirts of the convention, and report from there.

Maybe something will happen, maybe I'll meet some interesting people from out of town, maybe I'll have fun.

We'll see.

If you are a non-credentialed blogger, planning to cover the Democratic Convention in Boston, post a link in the comments.

Boston (D) Party - Democratic National Convention Official Blog.

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