Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Video editing from the front seat of a Lexus.

Loren Miller took this photo of me at Macworld yesterday while I was doing some Final Cut Pro editing from the front seat of Tech Superpowers Lexus.

Everybody was taking pictures of me, including Josh Reynolds from AP.

It was a great photo opportunnity!

The cool thing about it was that Josh asked if we could roll down the window, open the sunroof, and get in the back seat.

He was looking for an unusual shot. That's what differentiates an poor photographer from a good one.

The good photographer comes onto a scene and askes himself, "How can I offer a unique perspective on this?"

The bad one just uses the Chevy Chase method of photography.

- Come upon scene.
- Raise camera.
- Take photo.

Ha! ;-)

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