Thursday, July 08, 2004

Democratic Convention Storylines

pennywit has some good ideas for covering the Democratic Concention:
1) How far away is the so-called "free-speech zone?" Who's living in it? Why is it there?

2) Local, local, local. What do the Boston natives think of having this thing in their home town? Do they like it? Dislike it? How's the commute?

3) How's the help? Spend a day with one of the janitorial types -- chambermaids, etc. What kind of mess do parting Democrats leave behind in their rooms? Are liberals good tippers?

4) Access, access, access. How many parties can you crash while you're there? How long before your cover is blown at the D.C. Democrats for Kerry party?
I'm going to be doing some videoblog coverage that week and just might use a few of these suggestions.

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