Friday, January 21, 2005

Forbes: Videoblogs are it in 2005

Forbes: Three Trends for 2005:
This year video Weblogs are sure to be the "it" thing.

Once again the major media just skims the surface of what it happening in the video blogging world, but this time a blogger sets them straight.

Forbes names VideoBlogs as a Top Tech trend for 2005 (and why they are wrong):
In justifying the decision he sites a number of Tsunami video blogs and the clip of comedian Jon Stewart on CNN’s Crossfire in October as examples where Video Blogs are making an impact.

Which is true, both examples demonstrate where blogs utilising video saw large amounts in traffic.

However, two examples do not equal a tech trend.
via [ Unmediated ]

It's like a hype machine. The media grabs onto a meme and then it just multiplies.

Hey, it's a fun story to cover AND it has video!

Watching it happen is very interesting. It's like we're living a chapter of The Tipping Point.

We, videobloggers, are meeting in NYC this weekend at vloggercon to look at what we've accomplished over the past year, where we're going in 2005.

I'll be smiling when I get to vloggercon and see a fleet of satellite trucks outside. ;-)

They'll have to stay outside though because there's no more room inside, right Jay?

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