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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Boston Globe: No Links

I just read the globe story, Metro executive apologizes for joke.

Frequent readers of this site know that one of my pet peeves is how the big media companies hardly ever provide outgoing links. I've contacted the Globe a few times about this, and written about it. The first time I contacted them, I got a response back telling me that they would "make sure it doesn't happen again". Then it happened again, and I reminded them of their earlier response.

Things have not changed.

Today, the Globe story says:
"The apology came in response to a story reported yesterday by a New York website,"
They don't provide a link to the story or a clickable link to, even though they type out the URL.

It easily could have been posted like this:
"The apology came in response to a story reported yesterday by Rory O'Connor, on a New York website,"
I contacted O'Connor and asked him to explain to me why the Boston Globe does not reprint the joke in it's story? It's the main part of the story and you don't really understand how bad it is until you read O'Connor's story.

Rory replies, "easy to explain--the globe is trying to put the best face on the story, as they are now partners with metro."

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