Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Call your Senator to support Rep. Conyers

Michael Moore and Wes Boyd emailed me today, asking me to call my Senators to see if they'll stand up with Rep. Conyers to ask for an investigation into the Ohio vote.

Michael Moore's email didn't give me my Senator's phone #'s, but MooveOn's email did. It said:
It's time for Congress to grapple with the issues of voting rights, un-auditable computerized voting, and the suppression of minority votes. Call your Democratic Senators today and ask them to join Rep. Conyers in challenging the 2004 voting process.
So I called.

Senator Kennedy's phone answerer was very informed and said my call would help him decide.

Senator Kerry's phone answerer asked me to hold, then played classical music for me to listen to for 10 minutes. Then I hung up.

The MoovOn email had this graphic on it:

Should be "I Called the Senate"

I'm not saying the results of the election should be overturned, just that the voting irregularities in Ohio need to be looked into so they don't happen again.

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