Friday, January 28, 2005

Free Web Hosting

At vloggercon, people were asking me what I use for web hosting.

I'm all over the place, .mac, vblogcentral, TypePad, Blogger, BlogHarbor and 1and1.
If you're looking for web hosting at a good price, with a lot of bandwidth per month, 1and1 has a special offer for a 6-month free trial of their businesspro web hosting.

Right now they give you 2,000 MB of Web Space and a Monthly Transfer Volume of 50 GB for $9.99/month.

If you like it and end up staying with them, I even make a few bucks.

I like the drag and drop interface of .mac for putting graphics on the web, and their interface with iPhoto is an amazingly easy way to post a photo album to the web.

As for the other services, I use them all as blog hosts.

Blogger was my first blogging tool. I signed up with them even before I had web hosting anywhere. I still let them host this weblog over on for free. Since Google bought them, I've been anticipating improvements. Hopefully they'll be rolling out new features soon, but for someone who wants to try out blogging, blogger is a good place to start.

TypePad is a nice all in one solution for an intermediate blog solution that includes image, audio and video hosting.

I really like their ease of adding lists and photos. Their blog entry interface is the best. I've got my video blog hosted with them.

BlogHarbor, a blogware reseller, is good for a multi-page web site . A unique feature of the underlying blogware solution, is that you can also create web pages along with your blog pages. Blogware makes creating an integrated blog/webite easy. Take a look at a new blogware based website I'm developing for Boston City Coucillor John Tobin.

vblogcentral is a video hosting service that I am Alpha testing. vblogcentral lets me drag and drop my QuickTime video onto their application, then they convert it to Windows Media and Real, AND post it to my blog. It's a cool tool.

If you've got any questions about creating your own blog, drop me an email or leave a comment.

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