Thursday, January 20, 2005

I'm gonna pump some air

I canceled my health club membership this summer after I injured my leg. The doctor told me, no exersise for a month. So I quit the health club and after a month started walking around a local pond. It's 1.4 miles around and recently I've gotten up to going twice around.

But it's been so cold out and we've gotten so much snow recently, I decided to check out a local health club that my friend Ravi suggested.

It's called Express Personal Fitness. It's in West Roxbury across from the Home Depot, next to the Stop and Shop.

Their web site doesn't show up on Google, so I had to resort to talking to Ravi to find out where it was. [ Worst website ever ]

I went over this morning to check it out.

The cool thing about it is that you don't lift weights over there. They use Keiser Pneumatic Technology.

I'm always someone who likes to try something new, so I joined and got a free T-Shirt. Yipee.

I'm gonna pump some air. Ha Ha.

Here's the information for anyone trying to find it in Google:

Express Personal Fitness
1208 B VFW Parkway
West Roxbury, MA 02132

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