Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Here's the church

Today's Boston Globe has the story about yesterday's big church fire: Blaze damages historic church.

WCVB also has this Church Members Stunned By Blaze.

But that's today.

IMG_0974Last night when helicopters were buzzing overhead and sirens were blaring, we all went to these websites to see video. It was 6:45 PM and the local TV stations were showing the national network news.

We wanted local video on the web but were dissapointed
to only get a small screen shot of video from WCVB.

Why couldn't they have the video up on the web sooner?

My friend Ryan gave me a call saying there was a breaking story going on if I wanted to film it for my website. I was on my way out, and didn't have time to get over there. I told her that it was ok since all the tv stations were going to cover the story and they didn't need a citizen reporter over there covering the same thing as everybody else.

I guess I was wrong. If I'd gone over there, I'd probably have had the first video on the web from that fire.

It's funny that the first place I turned for news and video of the fire was the web vs. TV.

Some day that intital search for video on the web will prove more fruitful than it did for me last night.

Take a look at the photos I shot this morning.

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