Saturday, January 08, 2005

Season Pass: The Carol and Steve Show?

It's all coming together! TiVo is going to let video creators provide downloadable content for TiVo!
TiVo announces new developer tools:

The TiVo news just won't stop, and frankly I'm starting to get a little giddy. The latest bit of information to come out is that TiVo is going to be opening up more to developers. The three new tools are TiVo Video Publisher, TiVo Multimedia Web Services API and TiVo Service Integration.

TiVo Video Publisher will allow video creators to provide downloadable content for TiVo. They talk about how content providers will be able to package and protect their video, but I hope that the amateurs won't be left out of the party. It would be great to be able to pull up my mom's vacation video as easily as a movie from the big studios. If they play their cards right they could make a killing off of long tail videos.

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