Sunday, September 04, 2005

Where is Diallo Bartley?

Have you seen Diallo Bartley?

MSNBC - Looking for Diallo Bartley.

Houston Chronicle Hurricane Katrina Forum - Search for Diallo Bartley.

Dallas / Fort Worth - Evacuee photos.

I just heard from Diallo's parents. They write:
Good morning Steve,

Thank you so very much for trying to help us find Diallo. We really appreciate it---more than words can say.

No, we have not heard from Diallo yet, but we are looking forward to his call.

Thanks again.

F. M.
I wanted to do something, in addition to giving money, to help victims of Kartina. Choosing to help one family find their missing son, is what I chose to do.

Help me find Diallo for them.

Please post his picture on your blog and any search results in the comments.

Anyone in the Dallas Convention Center? Is there a list of people who are in Dallas?

Andy Carvin is blogging about the issue of finding missing people on his blog Katrina05 and points us to the Red Cross - Locate your relatives list.

Diallo Bartley at

Update: I just heard from Diallo's parents. Diallo was rescued!

Diallo was rescued Saturday. We got a call from him about 10:00am this morning.

It is a real Miracle.

Thank you for your help.


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