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Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Standard Report

Got an interview request from The Standard Report about my video blog.

Here are their questions and my answers:

Name of video blog:

Steve Garfield's Video Blog

Where are you located?


What made you start vlogging?

I've been blogging since 1997 and on January 1, 2004 I decided to make a New Years resolution to figure out how to easlily combine video and blogging.

People had been posting video to the web for a long time, but including it in a blog post hadn't really been done.

Do you have a job outside of this video venture?


How do you post/edit/ create your vlog?

I record video using either a Canon S400 or GL/2. I edit my videos using Final Cut Pro.

What blogs do you visit/what inspires you?

I use a program called FireAnt which aggregates and automatically delivers new videos to me each day. I subscribe to 201 video bloggers. They all inspire me. Some by sharing personal stories in a creative way and others by artistically presenting something visually which in turn evokes an emotional response.

How does your personality tie in to your vlog?

My vlog is me and I am my vlog. The two can not be separated.

What are the top three things that a person should think of before starting a vlog?

The top three things to consider, after deciding to make a commitment to regularly posting are.

1. How to record video
- You can record video using the video features of a lot of digital still cameras, or use a digital video camera.

2. How to edit
- There are many ways to edit video, if you even want to edit. Some people just record video clips on a cell phone and post them directly to the web. If editing, Windows PC's come with Windows Media Maker and Macs come with iMovie. QuickTime Pro also allows rudimantary editing.

3. Where to host
- You can choose to host your video on a free or paid service. My site FeeVlog, , lays out a lot of the options.

Do you have any pictures that I could use for the article?

Yes. You can use any pictures from

Or this:

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