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Thursday, September 29, 2005

It works that way now

While walking the quaint streets of Nantucket I was approached by a reporter from The Inquirer and Mirror.

She wanted to know of I'd be willing to answer a question about the Red Sox. Sure. Not a problem.

Then I took out my camera to shoot some video of her.

I asked her to read me back the quote that I had just given her.

She says: "No, It doesn't work that way."

Sorry. Now it does. We are the media, not just you.

So she read back the quote, but it turns out that she didn't have it all. She was missing the end of what I had said.

Hmm. What would have happend if I hadn't turned the camera on her and asked her to repeat my quote. What would have been printed in the paper? Half a quote?

For the record, here's my cliche ridden quote:

"If the Red Sox dig deep and pull together like baseball teams that are destined for greatness, they're gonna win the series this weekend, and go on to the World Series."

I'll be getting a copy of the paper later today to see what got printed. ;-)

View this video clip on Vimeo.

My answer to the question: The Red Sox will win this weekend's series against the Yankees if...

I'm a journalist
I'm a journalist. ;-)


  1. more of a summary than a are a "voice of Nantucket!"

  2. i think she must've felt liek she was back in Journo 101!