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Sunday, September 18, 2005

TV is evolving

On Friday I was in NYC filming a behind the scenes documentary on [ The site goes live tomorrow ]

  Photo by Jason Wallis

Derek Wallis writes about it on the blog:
On Sunday September 25th, Markos Moulitsas will interview Professor Juan Cole to discuss Shia Islam and the catastrophe in Iraq.

On Sunday October 2nd, Duncan Black will interview Professor Paul Myers on the pernicious attempt to inject religious dogma into our children's science classes.

Now, both interviews have already been shot and the material is nothing less than amazing. Nothing like this has been produced for the mass market before. We approached Markos and Duncan with the idea for a few different reasons:

1) they're honest
2) they're intellectually curious
3) they have a demonstrative ability to attract viewers

Dr Cole and Dr Myers are genuine experts in their field, not pundits. The subject matter is riveting.
The first show goes live next Sunday. Stay tuned.

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