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Friday, September 23, 2005

Fiji Responds

Fiji Water responds to the recent Globe article comparing bottled waters:
Dear Mr. Garfield,

Thank you for being a loyal FIJI Water drinker and for bringing your concerns about the recent story in the Boston Globe to us. Rest assured that we were not in direct contact with the reporter and believe that important information and perspective is not reflected in this story.
The story focused on comparing ozone-infused tap water to bottled water. In doing so, the Globe conducted lab tests including a comparison of levels of heterotrophic plate count (HPC). What is not clear in the story is that HPC is naturally occurring and that natural water, like FIJI Water, will typically have a higher level because it is not chemically treated. There has never been an association of any particular HPC concentration with a health risk. The suggestion that elevated levels would be due to an issue at the bottling plant is unfounded. The higher levels are normal because of the water’s natural origins and are not harmful.

FIJI Water is naturally pure and refreshing water. [We agree with you that FIJI Water is the best water in the world.]

FIJI Water is bottled at its source on the Fijian island of Viti Levu, through a hermetically sealed delivery system free of human contact at our state-of-the-art bottling facility where our filling equipment is thoroughly cleaned on a regular schedule several times each week.. No contaminant, pathogen or material harmful to public health has ever been detected in FIJI Water.

FIJI Water goes through rigorous internal and external testing to ensure the water you are drinking retains its natural purity and, of course, is safe to drink. FIJI Water complies with all regulatory requirements in the jurisdictions in which it is sold. Our primary consultant for water testing is MWH laboratories, a world leader in water quality testing.

FIJI Water is committed to stringent safe water practices. The water and all processes used to bottle and distribute it are carefully designed to protect its natural purity so that we may bring the very best water to our customers.

We hope this addresses any questions produced by this story. FIJI Water drinkers want the very best and with FIJI Water, this is what you are getting.


FIJI Water Customer Service

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