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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Vlogging Literacy

Here are my notes for a presentation I'm making today, at UMass/Boston, to Nettrice Gaskin's Media Literacy 101 class.

We are the media - the revolution will be televised - Gabe McIntyre's intro to RSS and Vlogging.

We Are the Media - a blog on vlogging.

Why is vlogging different than just video on the web?
It's the powerful combination of blogging with video creation and distribution.

Syndication - RSS 2.0 with enclosures changes everything.
How to add an RSS 2.0 Feed to your Blogger blog.

Get Fireant
Video Aggregators - iTunes, FireAnt

Comments and conversations change media from being a passive experience.

Community -

Where to go to find vlogs
How to find vlogs.
Another list of places to find vlogs.

Vlog Map
Vlog Soup - A video tour through the vlogosphere.

Types of Vlogs
Blogs are for friends, families and the world.

- Steve Garfield's Video Blog
- Josh Leo's Vlog

News, Citizen Journalism, Personal Media Sites

- Rocketboom
- Minnesota Stories
- - Solutions emerge from our judicious study of discernible reality.

News, Citizen Journalism, Personal Media Examples
- Song for Cindy Sheehan.
- Army's Birthday.
- Nightline visits berkman Blogger Meeting.
- How I would have edited the Nightline segment.
- 150 Feet.

- John Tobin, John Edwards.

How to make a vlog


How to Promote Your Vlog.

Distribution - The democratization of media
- Akimbo - BBC, CNN, Steve Garfield
- DTV - Your own TV station on the internet

Update 3:30 PM:

Here's that video I shot this morning.

View this clip over at

How I got the video from my camera to the web:

1. I copied the video from my Canon S400 onto my Mac.
2. I had three videos, so I combined them using QuickTime Pro.
3. Then I exported then as QuickTime using the 3ivx codec.
4. Went to and uploaded
5. Grabbed a screen shot of the video
6. Uploaded that to my .Mac account
7. Edited this post to include the image with a link to the video

Note: Steps 5 and 6 are optional since vimeo generates code that allows you to embed a video directly in a web page, but that code makes the video load right away and I don't like to do that, prefering to only load the video when you click on it.


  1. Hi Steve,

    I really enjoyed your presentation today. However, I am unable to view the video. I have the correct software but when I click on the image of you in the class I get a blank white screen, with the control buttons on the bottom.

    Any suggestions?

    Sue Gnospelius

  2. Hi Sue,

    I would just suggest making sure you have the most recent version of QuickTime 6.