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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Stevie Nicks - Free Music

Stevie Nicks was just on the Today Show explaining how she dropped off iPods loaded with music to hospitalized Iraq war veterans.

She loaded the iPods with her own music and tons of music from her daughter's niece's computer.


I'm note sure record companies would be happy about this.

Katie, Matt and Al just stood there smiling.

If I was there I'd have asked her about the legalities of giving away all that music for free.


  1. Is anything "free"? Excellent point, my friend.

    Cultural Farmers make their own the meek inheriting the earth.

  2. Hi. Since the songs were given as part of a charitible gesture, I am sure it would be okay. Or Stevie okayed it with her Management.
    Stevie does not have a daughter. Her niece Jessie who is 14 years old helped out. I attended the concert in the DC area just a day after she did that, and these soldiers really moved her. Stevie has a heart of gold.