Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Comments are now moderated

There is some loser robot that has figured out how to defeat the comment spam filters that blogger has set up.

So instead of going into blogger and deleting every single comment by this robot, I have turned on comment moderation.

Members of blogger will not have thier comments moderated and they'll fly right through and be posted.

Others will have to be pre-screened by me.

So now is a good time to sign up with blogger!

You'll have a blog too where you'll be able to post all your thoughts, dreams and frustrations. You don't have to use the blog though if you don't want to. But at least you'll have one, so at cocktail parties you'll be able to tell people that you have a blog.


That doesn't make sense. I'm enabling comment moderation on my blogger blog because their spam filters are starting to fail me, and I want you to sign up with blogger?


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